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Professional Design, Top-class International Brand
OUDIAN CERAMICS is a modernized corporation which has independent core technology of producing ceramics and most advanced producing process. We produce high-class and fashionable product .OUDIAN CERAMICS had been awarded lots rewards, such as: PROMINENT QUAILTY TILE REWARD, FOSHAN CITY MOST ADVANCE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY COMPANY, etc. And at the end of 2005,Authorized association in Chinese industry of construction-----China Construction and Sanitary Ceramics Association award us ONE OF TOP TEN CREATIVE CORPORATION IN CHINA CERAMICS INDUSTRY IN 2005. The reason why our product has been used widely in high-class construction program is that our product has wonderful design, quality, style and performance. It is mainly used in 500 leading companies of construction decoration especially top-class architecture projects. Personality design, natural style and comprehensive east-west feature are the topics of our products. And there is no doubt that the characteristics of no-slipping, non-dust and high density, make OUDIAN CERAMICS into a well-known brand in the international and lead the world in architecture art.

Solid International Market Sales Network Basis
Through 5 years of elaborate research and development, in the offshore, OUDIAN CERAMICS has established professional agents who are with strong strength, and established sales network in lots of big international cities. In domestic, we also have achieved considerable sales achievement and important projects in a lot of big cities, for example: SHANGHAI, SUZHOU, SHENZHEN, ZHONGSHAN, DONGGUAN and so on. From the primary OEM manufacture and "Made in China" on, OUDIAN CERAMICS products have been sold in the world with independent brand. We have numerous important projects: HONGKONGYANGZI INDUSTRY PROJECT, HUANGQIXIA HOTEL PROJECT, XINHONGJI REAL ESTATE PROJECT SERIES, QINGSHUI CONSTRUCTION COMPANY in Japan, from far-east Russian airport to vast building architecture in Australia, from vehicle maintaining room in Japan to Shanghai Dazhong maintaining center, from five-stars hotel in Turkey to Shanghai Music Building, Government building in Seoul Korea, villas and gardens in north-Europe. In a word, OUDIAN CERAMICS are used in Germany, France, England, Italy, Spain, America, Canada, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Kuwait, South Africa, Mexico and so on. And the feed back is always good, customers always sing high praise for the products quality, sense of quality, colors and patterns design and match, use performance, so that OUDIAN CERAMICS has been famous brand in international.

Mature full-body and rustic technology, stable quality, perfect production group
Our company is one of earliest industries to produce full-body and rustic, we have 5 year's experience to R & D it.  By management spirit of "basis of person in science and technology" and creative ability in team, we settled down a lot of difficult in quality, make our two factories in cooperation of production groups perfectly. And according to the feature of our company in production, we have carried out advanced management rules, strict test center in material and QC in finished products, so that the stability quality of OUDIAN CERAMICS has been raise.

Independent R& D In Core Technology, Core Competitive Embodiment
Now,in vehement competition, OUDIAN CERAMICS independently over came lots of difficulties, invested vast capital in creation.We have created core technology and accumulate much experience to produce top-class products, we are awarded nation patents.On the basis of absorbing advanced technology, we created first class technology and design technique with basic from China feature, invented and displayed high-class products in large groups in international markets, leading to paying importance to us by Spain and Italy----two strong countries of ceramics. Our company depends on core technology from ourselves in R & D, the contribution is topping, and we make it excessively into our top-class products.  In the range of future furious competition, we must create more novel, more beautiful and better quality products, and become main flow in ceramics industry, become representative and main renovation force in China construction ceramics. 

A: foshan nanhai caidie ceramics co., ltd
Add: lifeng 5 road, dali town, nanhai distric, foshan city
B: foshan nanhai caidie ceramics co., ltd, branch in qingyuan
Add: jinshui country, yuantan town, qingyuan city
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